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MMC Head Shave

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MMC Head Shave
by Ella Carlsen - Wednesday, 12 June 2019, 9:16 PM

This Friday (14th June) Some pretty awesome members of MMC are shaving their luscious hair off to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation! @ 1:30 pm in the school hall 

Grab all your pocket money and get together with some mates to participate in the auction process, this is where people bid on someone's hair, and if they win the bidding, they turn into a barber for a day and shave that person's hair. 

Also for those students participating in the head shave, please meet up in A2 at lunchtime this Thursday (tomorrow) to recap with Zoe and Manawa on how Friday will run :)

One of those awesome humans that are participating in the Head Shave is Mr Waretini-Thomas, who hasn't had a haircut for three years and has been rocking the man buns ever since but is now shaving his curly locks for a great cause!!

So come along on Friday at lunch to support the cause and maybe even shave a head or two :)