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Athletics Day 2019

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Athletics Day 2019
by Ella Carlsen - Monday, 18 February 2019, 10:58 AM

Athletics Day Tomorrow! 

Tuesday 19th February. 

Year 9s and Year 13s are to go to the bus bay where you will get your name checked off by your form teachers at 8:45am. 

Year 11s, 10s and 12s are to go to your form class to be signed off by 8:45am. 

Bring some lunch and plenty of water. There will also be a real fruit ice cream truck and a coffee truck on site, if you would like to bring along some money. 

Most importantly athletics day is about having fun! Participate where you can, whilst dressed up in your house colours!!! 

If you have any questions about tomorrow there is boards around the school with information, otherwise find our sports leaders Colby and Marijke or have a chat with Mr Cochrane. 

See you there!